Lactum 3+ & 6+, Makati, Philippines

As your partner in helping provide 100% nourishment, Lactum 3+ & 6+ will regularly post tips and techniques to aid you in raising a 100% nourished kid. Made by Mead Johnson Nutrition, a global leader in pediatric nutrition, Lactum 3+ & 6+ entered the Philippine children’s milk market in 1987. Consistent with the vision of Mead Johnson to nourish the world’s children for the best start in life, Lactum 3+ & 6+ has been firmly grounded in helping provide 100% nourishment* to Filipino children for over 25 years. To partner with Filipino moms in providing only 100% nourishment* to their children – this is the commitment of Lactum 3+ & 6+. At the heart of Lactum 3+ & 6+ is the understanding of the fears and concerns of the Filipino mom on her child’s nutrition. Complete nutrition is her foremost priority, and she fears that her child might not develop properly without it. Lactum 3+ & 6+ understands that ensuring her child’s proper nutrition is never easy. She encounters a lot of feeding problems and difficulties at every stage of her child’s life. That’s why throughout the years, Lactum 3+ & 6+ strives to forge a deep partnering relationship with Filipino moms, giving her the reassurance that at every stage, Lactum 3+ & 6+ are with her, committed to help in providing 100% nourishment* for her child. *with three balanced meals a day Mead Johnson Nutrition (Philippines), Inc, 2309 Don Chino Roces Avenue Extension 1231 Makati Philippines Call: +632-8418222, 1-800-1-888-5861 (toll free)
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Lactum 3+ & 6+, Makati, Philippines

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