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Welcome to the Progress Gold Learners page, the destination for amazing moms, and bright little tots! Welcome to the Gold Learners page presented by Progress! On our page you’ll find tidbits of information, inspiring stories, and fun ideas to help you be the best parent you can be. Since 1910, our scientists have been developing an infant formula that is as close as possible to human breast milk, to make sure all kids can grow up healthy and smart! So if you like to learn and hope to raise a bright, intelligent child, this is just the place for you. House Rules 1. Be original. Respect intellectual property rights. Share video content, links, photographs, and text if you have rights to it. If you don't own it or don't have permission, please don't post it. You are responsible for the content you post on this Page. 2. Be mindful of people's privacy: don't share private information about other people. 3. Keep it clean: no indecent, misleading, or unlawful posts. 4. No personal attacks, please: avoid any aggressive, defamatory, or threatening posts. Mind your wording and tone. Avoid posting any information inciting racial, ethnical, religious, gender or political opposition. 5. Stay on topic: no spam, good luck/chain posts, commercial/advertising/promotional posts, or repetitive postings. Call: KSA: 8008971917 / UAE: 80099384 / Kuwait : 24911326/24911327 / Worldwide: +97180099384
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Gold Learners

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