Miller Lite, Milwaukee, United States

We wanna see you and your friends at the beach, the bar and everywhere in between. Share your summer. We’ll show America. #ItsMillerTime Miller Lite is the Original Light Beer. Brewed using our special 21-day Triple Hops Brewing recipe, it delivers more golden color, hops, aroma, and satisfying taste than anyone would expect in a light beer. Let’s round up the guys and crack open some Lites. It’s Miller Time. This page is intended for those 21+ only and content should not be shared with anyone under 21. We believe in enjoying Miller Lite responsibly and posting about it responsibly. Comments that are inappropriate, offensive, or suggest irresponsible consumption will be deleted. ©2015 Miller Brewing Co., Milwaukee, WI Terms: Privacy:
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Miller Lite, Milwaukee, United States

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