Evamor Natural Artesian Water, Covington, United States

Natural artesian water from a rare alkaline source that brings goodness. Some waters are drawn from surface springs, rivers or even glaciers exposed to the atmosphere, but Evamor goes deeper. Starting out thousands of years ago as rain and snow, our water traveled through thousands of miles of sediment and stone to end up in our protected artesian aquifer, half a mile under ground. The mineral deposits in the aquifer over time and pressure have infused the water with its naturally high alkaline properties. Our water comes rushing forth into our state of the art facility where it’s captured, bottled and ready for you to enjoy. When you open a bottle of Evamor Natural Artesian Water it is the first time the water has seen the light of day in thousands of years. This page is monitored in accordance with Facebook terms and conditions. Fan posts containing foul language, hate speech, or other inappropriate content are subject to removal. 72072 Highway 1077 70433 Covington United States Call: (985) 246-2100
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Evamor Natural Artesian Water, Covington, United States

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