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Welcome to the Official Facebook page of Tiffany Biscuits, Middle East! With our delectable range of quality biscuits and wafers, Tiffany is still a great presence around at family tea times. The Tiffany oeuvre includes Sandwich Cream, Glucose, Nice, Marie, Wafers and Cracker Biscuits, along with the tastiest variety of Digestives, Fruit Rolls, Butter Cookies, Premium Biscuits and Sugar Free biscuits, that are all baked to perfection with the most wholesome ingredients! We aim to turn every single of your Tiffany experience into a memorable lifestyle experience. Come check out the amazing range of products that we have to offer, and exciting activities we have designed for you on this page which will turn you into a loyal Tiffany-loving fan! And we promise - it's going to be worth every bite! Company Overview Established in 1975, IFFCO is a United Arab Emirates based business house, which manufactures and markets a well-integrated range of consumer products. IFFCO operates under the following business verticles; Fast Moving Consumer Goods ( FMCG ), Commodities, Oils and Fats, Frozen Foods, and Institutional Services. IFFCO also manufactures related derivatives and intermediates associated with these business segments. Over the last three decades, IFFCO has developed brands that have built a strong market share in the United Arab Emirates UAE by offering their customers good value of money. Tiffany, a renowned and well established name in every household, is the market leader in the UAE biscuit market and an absolute favourite in the country. Easily recognizable taste and excellent quality have enabled Tiffany to achieve success in several international markets. Today it enjoys a strong global presence, a testimony to the fact that we live up to our promise to ‘Strive to deliver quality, convenience and taste in everything we make’. General Information Hello Tiffany fans! Our page is your space - for you to have fun, interact with each other, and take part in exciting activities. We love hearing from you, and in fact encourage you to leave comments and post photos! It is your conversation and enthusiastic participation that makes this page what it is. We welcome your feedback, comments, questions, suggestions and constructive criticism. Please be respectful of our Facebook community. This fan page complies with Facebook’s Terms and Conditions and we expect all our fans to abide by them too. Accordingly, please do not post anything that violates any of those Terms and Conditions. Posting of content and moderation • Fans are prohibited from posting any content which is unlawful, defamatory or libelous, incites crime or violence, breaches copyright, harassing, abusive, obscene or vulgar, off-topic, threatening or harmful, contains swearing, spam, advertising for profit or gain, references to criminal activity and link baiting (embedding a link in your post to draw traffic to your own site). • Facebook has a large percentage of fans below the age of 18 years, so kindly refrain from discussing inappropriate topics. • The page moderator may not reply to your inquiry if not appropriate or eligible for answer. • The moderator will remove comments or content that breaks our community guidelines. Contests • Fans on the page will be intimated about contests via wall posts. • If the contest is held in a separate tab, clear instructions will be provided on how one can participate. • We request all fans to participate in the contests in the right spirit and understand that these contests are fun activities for all to enjoy. Winners • Winners will be chosen according to the criteria of selection as mentioned in the contest. • Names of the winners shall be featured on the wall/tab and they shall be contacted via mail or telephone. • Winners must collect their prizes within 15 days of being contacted by the organizer. We thank you for your enthusiasm and hope you enjoy the Tiffany Biscuits community! Call: +971 65029000
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Tiffany Biscuits

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