Shakarganj Food Products Limited, Lahore, Pakistan

Shakarganj Food Products Limited is committed to manufacturing and selling high Quality Dairy & Juice Products. Shakarganj Group comprises of several diversified business entities including, Shakarganj Mills Limited (SML), Crescent Steel and Allied Products Limited (CSAPL) and Shakarganj Food Products Limited (SFPL). SML was incorporated in 1967 and is listed on all three stock exchanges of Pakistan. The company is a leading manufacturer of sugar, textiles, industrial ethanol and particle board. It also produces Bio Fuel and Bio Power. The company has its principal manufacturing facilities at Jhang and a satellite plant at Bhone. CSAPL is a public limited company listed on all three stock exchanges of the country. It started off as a large-diameter pipe manufacturing company in 1987, and has now branched out its business in four sectors - Engineering, Textiles, Capital Markets and Power. The Engineering segment also has facility for internal and external pipe coating. SFPL is a public limited company (unquoted), set up by the Shakarganj Group in 2006 to diversify its business activities. The company operates a Dairy Division that primarily produces products packed in Tetra Pak packages focusing on the needs of the local consumers. The Juice Division, on the other hand, produces Juice Concentrates targeted to the wholesale export market. Call: +92 42 3578 3801-4
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Shakarganj Food Products Limited, Lahore, Pakistan

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