Ispahani Tea, Dhaka, Bangladesh

ISPAHANI has a long history of providing the highest quality tea while serving the community at large. Our teas are known and appreciated in Bangladesh. Acknowledged as a pioneer in the marketing of tea, we introduced to the Bangladesh tea market the laminated pouch, the double chamber tea bag, the “stand up” pouch, the food grade jar, the three layer pouch, the 10 gms easy pack, the “bag-in-bag” and the zip lock packet. Our Tea Department selects, blends and packs the finest Bangladeshi teas for both the local and international markets. It prides itself on quality and achieves a very high degree of customer satisfaction. Best selling brands such as Mirzapore Best Leaf, Mirzapore Double Chamber Tea Bags and Blenders Choice are market leaders and household names in Bangladesh. The latest addition to our range of brands is "Zareen - Tea for Her" targeting the top end users. Call: 031 716153-6, 02 9555192-5
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Ispahani Tea, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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