As satisfying as undoing a jar lid that another man has failed to undo. #FeedTheMan Over the years, we have built our reputation by making recipes that really pack a punch, which our chefs describe as “Ginsteriness”. So whenever you buy a Ginsters Cornish Pasty, slice, sausage roll or sandwich, you know that you can trust it to be great-tasting, filled to the brim and with real character. The Ginsters family were originally farmers in Cornwall, and one of the buildings they owned was an egg packing barn in the small Cornish town of Callington. One Christmas, they hit upon a great idea that changed the course of history! They converted their egg-packing barn into a small bakery and started making delicious, authentic, hand-made Cornish Pasties. Although we are a now a much bigger business, we remain proud of our Cornish roots and play an active role in the local community. Call: 01579 386200
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