Crown Royal, Norwalk, United States

Perfect Whisky made for a King and Queen in 1939. Please do not share with anyone under 21. Please enjoy responsibly. Our Rules We encourage fans to share thoughts, photos, videos and links on our page. Please be respectful of our community by complying with Facebook’s Terms of Service, and avoid postings that fall into the following categories: Offensive, inappropriate, discriminating or vulgar Fraudulent, deceptive or misleading In violation of any intellectual property right of another In violation of any law or regulation The Crown Royal Facebook team reserves the right to remove postings that don’t abide by this policy. If an individual repeatedly violates this policy, that user will be blocked from posting in the future. Fan postings to the Crown Royal Facebook page are not necessarily representative of the opinions of Crown Royal, nor do we confirm their accuracy. 801 Main Ave 06851 Norwalk United States Call: (866) 752-1345
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Crown Royal, Norwalk, United States

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Category: Food/Beverages
Found: 02.07.2015


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