Cicis, Coppell, United States

Welcome to the Official CiCi's Pizza Facebook page! Check back here for all the latest news and updates about CiCi's, share experiences and connect with other CiCi's fans! Facebook Rules for Engagement Welcome to our Facebook page. Think of it as your Cicis away from Cicis. Hang out, relax and talk to us for a while. At Cicis, we’ve always focused on listening to our guests and providing exceptional service. We take the same approach to our online life – so let us know what you think and how we can help. We want to hear what you have to say, though we ask that you share respectfully, truthfully and without foul language. We hope our online guests will have positive words for us because we work hard to make sure every Cicis Pizza experience is packed with endless flavor, endless fun and endless value. If you have one of those experiences, let us know. We’ll get giddy with praise. If not, let us know that, too. We’ll work to fix it. Our rules are simple: we comply with Facebook’s terms of service (, and we reserve the right to remove any posts we find offensive or otherwise damaging to our community or defamatory to Cicis or our fans. We also do not engage in posts inquiring about confidential information and think that is better suited for an email to our corporate office rather than a post on a fan page. And since we’re a family restaurant, we don’t tolerate obscene language. Employee's of Cicis Pizza are not eligible to participate in contests/promotions on the Facebook page. So have at it: what’s on your mind?
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Cicis, Coppell, United States

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Found: 21.08.2015


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