Community Activism and Leadership Organization, Providence, United States

CALO is a youth, grass roots movement inspiring people to focus on social good, living a community based lifestyle, and creating community activists. CALO is a social good organization focused on creating innovative products and services to assist schools, non-profits, and government agencies in uniting the community and inspiring service. Specifically our mission is "Uniting Community by Inspiring Service" It is our belief that any of the world's problems can be solved if the community would come together with a singular goal, to serve for the betterment of one another. This unity is rarely seen in today's world as technology sends millennials in doors, to live an online life, away from others and apart from a true community. CALO strives to further a sense of community, inspire people to become activists, and encourage accelerated positive change in society. Help us bring together the world both in this online CALO community and throughout each and every one of your local communities by spreading this mission and encouraging others to join. If your local high school and/or college is not yet a part of the CALO community, encourage them to sign-up today! 10 Davol Sq 02917 Providence United States Call: (401) 757-0035
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Community Activism and Leadership Organization, Providence, United States

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Category: Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)
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