SCOPE - Special Care Organization for Physically Exceptional.

Special Care Organization for Physically Exceptional (SCOPE), its is NGO working with Disable people, our NGO is located at Matikumra in West Bengal.. “SCOPE”…Ek notun aasha as the name speaks is a NGO(Non Government Organization) established in the year 2010 which aspires new hopes & belongingness with people who are in real need for life & happiness. The organization works as a Panchayet more commonly known as the Chowrashi Gram Panchayat under the North 24 Parganas district in the state of West Bengal. The Panchayat is located nearly about 50 kms away from the city of Kolkata (previously known as Calcutta) - the capital city of one of the Eastern India’s leading cultural state, the West Bengal. Nature has decorated this area by unfolding her immaculate beauty & fragrance in its own special way. The afternoon summer -breeze in combination with the songbird creates such a phenomenal symphony in the midst of lush green cornfield that one is lull to be half asleep. Sometimes we are forced to lend our ear to the faint sweet melody that comes floating from far away. Although the number of ‘Baul` are on the wane, still all of a sudden it makes its presence feel us soothing notes that flood the air so naturally. It is true but bitter fact, that how long will we able to protect our villages with its rich tradition & heritage which reflects in the ultra-modern fashion of the city life that is infiltrating gradually ever where. The people of our villages like the inhabitants of other villages dream to lead their livelihood peacefully with their family & children. We pray to the Almighty for their children to be provided with two times meal per day so that they can overcome their starvation & sufferings which destiny brought them to. God is not miser. His children do not suffer from the lack of bread and butter. But the children for whom parents seek boon are unable to have their food themselves. Some are there who do not even communicate their feeling to their mothers, because they are either blind or dumb , lunatic or physically challenged . To speak broadly they fall into the category of ‘Special Needs` people. Scope caters to all such physically challenged & special Needs people with learning, developmental, medical and behavioral issues. We have the programs and trained staff to handle just about every requirement. The team Scope focuses on every such aspect which is required to overcome not only physical & individual disability but to help every single hand in growing a sense of happiness, love & care for whom god has given a face to smile but even more tears to shed them through eyes. Call: +919842381144
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SCOPE - Special Care Organization for Physically Exceptional.

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