The Laughing Cow South Africa, Cape Town, South Africa

Welcome to the most delicious place on Facebook! This is the official page for The Laughing Cow in South Africa. This is the official page for The Laughing Cow South Africa. Thank you for visiting our Facebook page The Laughing Cow South Africa. The Laughing Cow Fan Page is a fun place for people to exchange snacking ideas, nutrition and fitness facts while engaging with their favourite snacking cheeses! Please read the Terms and Conditions contained in this document carefully as the use of this page constitutes your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions set out herein. The presentation and content of the Page are protected by the laws in force on intellectual property, for which BEL is the sole owner. The Page is hosted by The functional and creative design, as well as the technical design and development have been performed on behalf of BEL by Have You Heard agency. 1. 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The Laughing Cow South Africa, Cape Town, South Africa

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