桃園國際機場 Taoyuan International Airport, Taoyüan, Taiwan

歡迎蒞臨臺灣桃園國際機場 Welcome to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. 桃園國際機場,臺灣飛向世界的起點,世界認識臺灣的開端 位居亞太空運樞紐,臺灣與全球經貿連結的啟航點 硬體的更新展現積極企圖,前瞻思維與優質服務讓視野遼闊 我們的目標明確,就是成為國際機場中的標竿 我們的信念堅毅,打造出顧客服務導向之優質企業 我們的服務,在於創造有如回家般舒適溫暖的體驗 讓中華文化的魅力成為再次相逢的期盼 桃園國際機場,在不曾間斷的精進中,追尋每位使用者的認同 臺灣起飛,就在這一站! Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, where the world meets Taiwan An Asian-Pacific aviation hub, TTIA links Taiwan to the world. Updated equipment, outstanding service and forward thinking broaden our horizons. Our goal is clear: nothing short of creating a benchmark for international airports. Our conviction and determination shape an outstanding customer-oriented company. Our service creates a warm and comfortable experience akin to coming home.Let the charms of Chinese culture create high expectations for meeting again. In its push for excellence, TTIA attains the approval of all who use it. It's here that Taiwan takes to flight! 航站南路9號 33758 Taoyüan Taiwan Call: 88632733728
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桃園國際機場 Taoyuan International Airport, Taoyüan, Taiwan

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