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O.H.M. Jewelry Jewelry for a Meaningful Life Order Allow 1-2 weeks for custom orders Heather Matjasic is a Naples, FL artisan handcrafting jewelry from her love of gems & minerals. Her jewelry line has been inspired by her daily meditation and prayer practice throughout her life. In Heather’s personal and professional experiences, she embodies the belief that through her hands, she can create blessings of love, healing, empowerment and success for herself and others. Creating jewelry is the most intimate experience and opportunity to bring this belief to others. Heather has set the intention for each client to wear o.h.m. jewelry confidently, beautifully and feeling supported as they navigate and pursue their own beliefs and ambitions in their personal and professional lives. Each handcrafted piece comes with a description of the gems & minerals used and a intention or meaning designated to each stone. The Prayer Collection o.h.m. jewelry features semi-precious jewelry handcrafted with symbolism used throughout prayer and meditation practices all over the world. Crosses, ohm symbols, monk beads, prayer amulets and holy reliquaries handmade from Nepal are used. The Crystal Collection o.h.m. jewelry features crystals mined globally in this collection. Each design is intended to enhance the meaning of the crystals. Coming from the earth, these crystals will have beautiful, perfect imperfections, just like us.
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OHM Jewelry

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