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Inspirations Built To Last Brand Story (Full Version) A Vision of Time 1908. The Jura Mountains, north of the Western Alps. Swiss mechanical engineer Wolfgang Widder had embarked on a solitary expedition to expand his horizons, a daring proposition at a time where technology was very much in its infancy. Driven by sheer ambition and a courage to go where few dared venture, he traversed large parts of the sub-alpine mountain range, one man against the elements. Unknown to Widder at the time, it was a snow storm that would trigger the onset of a legacy. Covered by a relentless torrent of snow, a flash of brilliance came uncovered. In that moment where he lay subject to nature’s mercy, he realised with deepening urgency, that he had yet to make his mark on the world, to leave behind an emblem of that most cherished commodity – time. From that day on, he set about with unparalleled resilience to create a timepiece infused with both his characteristic style and mechanical genius. Hence, Aries Gold was born, with the prefix Aries, or Widder in German, serving as the astrological representation for drive and perfection. The Gold suffix reinforced the very virtues the brand upholds: class, quality and innovation. The Art of Excellence After Widder passed on in 1943, his timepiece business continued to survive through to the post-World War II era and well into the 1970s, as the brand’s industrial designs continued to draw inspiration from monumental moments in history in disciplines such as motor racing and aviation. By this period, Aries Gold had become recognised as a pioneer specialising in the manufacture of robust timekeeping equipment used in the shipping and aeronautics trades, and duly built upon its core competencies. From conceptualisation through to assembly, our designers and master watchmakers continually seek to create the most robust, precise, and ergonomically viable watches, on the back of cutting-edge technology and engineering processes. This commitment to quality extends to the utilisation of only the finest Swiss and Japanese movements, alongside scratchproof sapphire glass – practices that reinforce the hallmarks of meticulous detailing and superior craftsmanship. Because ultimately, when it comes to the art of horology, nothing but the gold standard will suffice. From Strength To Strength Under the current team’s stewardship, Swiss-registered Aries Gold has gone on to transcend international boundaries, leading to an established presence in 21 countries worldwide (including the USA and Australia) with more than 280 points of sale. As part of the organisation’s diversification roadmap, an optical arm was also established in 2014, built on the back of rigorous testing and professional aviation-grade materials. This meteoric rise has been made possible on the back of a cohesive team inspired by culture and history, and the ethos embodied by Wolfgang Widder himself – to create inspirations built to last.
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Aries Gold Watches

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