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Official AUGUSTE REYMOND swiss watches Facebook page Independent, private owned, watch factory with classical Swiss watches in the middle price range. Over more than a century the company AUGUSTE REYMOND has manufactured watches in Tramelan, a village located in the Jura mountains, the very heart of the Swiss Watch Valley . A place far away from the hustle of the big cities, a place where time is still a value on its own, not just a matter of ephemeral trends or fast money, a place where we can still take our time to create timeless beauty. Far aside from the mass production of the big luxury groups, our independent, family-owned company offers you the genuine luxury of an authentic product, which is hand-assembled only in small series by our watchmakers in our own workshops in Tramelan. History The history of AUGUSTE REYMOND or ARSA (Auguste Reymond SA) begins in 1898, when a young man of twenty-six rented a small apartment in Tramelan and hired a handful of watch-makers to start manufacturing watches that would bear his name. By 1910 his modest business had grown into a huge factory that employed over 100 people in its own premises. The well appreciated movements produced by the Manufacture A. Reymond, worldwide known under the name UNITAS, were famous for its reliability and its price, were also supplied to numerous other watch manufacturers. Today, as far as in the past, still the same values are important. AUGUSTE REYMOND should stay in private propriety and continue to build reliable watches, which shadow our enthusiastic customers all over the world all day long.
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Auguste Reymond Watches

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