Murex Those familiar with the luxury Swiss watches made by Murex might be surprised to discover that behind these glamorous, often diamond-studded watches lies a story of adversity overcome by talent and tenacity. Murex was the first brand to come out of the RibaWatch stable (there are now five different brands, each tailored to different markets) and is the embodiment of Swiss quality. Wasfi Taher (CEO of RIBAWATCH) himself remains involved in everything – and every model – from the designs and technical drawings through to samples and production. Murex specialises in a wide range of fashionable quartz watches, with around 20 new models being introduced each year. Every model is engineered, manufactured and assembled at the RibaWatch factory in Le Locle. In some cases, the craftsmanship and precision involved mean that production can take several months. The brand has two collections: a fashion collection and a diamond range. The watches, made of stainless steel, may feature different plating, such as rhodium, rose gold, black or white ceramic – as well as mother-of-pearl, diamonds, sapphires and other valuable gems. MUREX IS A BRAND close to Wasfi Taher’s heart. Of course, all the brands in his RibaWatch stable are close to his heart but Murex was his first, and one he created himself. It is also the RibaWatch brand that most closely follows fashion trends. Murex is of the moment, creating casual sport watches for men and smart, fashionable pieces for women. Inspiration comes from the latest trends.
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