Belatriz L A jewelry

Come shop with us at for ALL Luxurious 3 layered-18k Gold filled Brazilian jewelry. Indulge in Richness!!! -Belatriz LA Company History Belatriz was founded in June 26, 1991. Today the factory is located in a 4,000 square meter building projected especially to manufacture Silver Jewelry and 18K Gold Layered and Rhodium Layered Jewelry. Belatriz makes jewelry with the best raw material available, all vendors and materials are rigorously evaluated and the materials must meet technical specifications to assure to our customers that we are offering a product with an outstanding quality. Belatriz is recognized for its high quality products and services in all markets that we are present. Belatriz Mission is "To make innovative jewels with quality, generating emotion and satisfaction in our customers”. Belatriz designers are always searching for the international trend, developing exclusive and innovative products. Belatriz employees are in constant training to perfect and to improve the work techniques and services.
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Belatriz L A jewelry

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Found: 23.08.2015


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