Balance, Cairo, Egypt

Decorative design and implementation Balance office was established in 2005 to specialize in the field of decorative design and implementation as well as acts of general complementary contracting projects items in the fields of finishes, different materials design and executive, finishes of conch, electricity, roofing, flooring and gebsomboard with all necessary items for any project completion. Also, in terms of specialized workshops with its techniques of installation which leaded us to have considerable experience in dealing with various workshops and factories of wood, iron, aluminum, glass, mosaic, and marble. Over the past years we have implemented many integrated projects in various locations and cities, as well as sites which carried out with different and special stamps from private villas to chalets to apartments to malls and franchises that referred for special trade. In addition, we performed dealing with many engineering and consulting offices as subcontractors in many complementary items which enriched our experience in different fields. The office is staffed by professional engineers in finishes area who expertise to deal with the different materials. The designs are placed in line inside the office until a text for the best design can be obtained from the taste and exploitation of space by specialist and expert engineers. Call: 01227207391 - 01225586712
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Balance, Cairo, Egypt

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Found: 24.08.2015


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