Topsider Homes, Clemmons, United States

Maker of the world’s finest quality and most unique prefabricated homes. Elevated homes built on pedestals and stilts – resistant to hurricanes and earthquakes. Utilizing a panelized and Post & Beam building system, each Topsider Home is custom designed to meet individual client needs and local building codes. Topsider Homes is best known for its pedestal homes, but it also offers many other foundation types including stilts and pilings, basements, crawl-spaces and slabs. Topsider's prefabricated homes are engineered to be hurricane-resistant and earthquake-resistant and are extremely energy efficient. House plans by Topsider Homes range in size from small guest houses to large modern contemporary luxury homes exceeding 10,000 sq. ft. 3710 Dillon Industrial Dr 27012 Clemmons United States Call: (336) 766-9300
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Topsider Homes, Clemmons, United States

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Found: 24.08.2015


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