Great Step, Kharagpur, India

Annual Technical Fest of The Department of Mining Engineering , IIT Kharagpur. For more information visit Come this October and the IIT Kharagpur campus plunges into the pool of creativity, innovation and a plethora of activities with GREAT STEP - Geo Resource Engineering and Technology Students Teachers and Employers Partnership, an annual technical summit of the Department of Mining Engineering. Promising to be different from its ilk, at GREAT STEP we wish to channelize the immense talent and ingenuity of the students to challenging problems, build a Coherent and strong rapport between employers and students and provide a platform for the students to help them become the future stalwarts in the realm of Geo-Science and Engineering. The World is waiting and we promise that the wait is worth it. Fest Dates : 9th to 11th Oct 2015 Department of Mining Engineering, IIT Kharagpur 721302 Kharagpur India Call: +919002304916
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Great Step, Kharagpur, India

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