ESME ( Egyptian Society of Materials Engineers ), Suez, Egypt

ESME is the first scientific society oriented to metallurgical and material engineering students in Egypt and North Africa region, ESME was founded in 2009 Vision: Because the science of materials engineering is the basic nerve and the core engineering sciences it was necessary to be a link between education and practical applications. Mission: To contribute to economic growth, prosperity and fulfilling young people’s potential through providing necessary services of skill development and technical assistance under our main concept “Link Science & Application”. Objectives: •Integration between all areas and branches of engineering sciences and access to the greatest degree of cooperation between them. •Create a new generation of business leaders by fostering a culture of innovation & entrepreneurship •Enhancing their social responsibility for the development of beloved Egypt. Values: •Innovation •Volunteerism •Persistence •Life-long learning •Social Responsibility •Excellence
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ESME ( Egyptian Society of Materials Engineers ), Suez, Egypt

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Found: 24.08.2015


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