The Geological Museum and Art Gallery of Dilijan, Dilijan, Armenia

The museum gallery was created in 1958. The Geological Museum and Art Gallery of Dilijan which was founded in 1950 by a teacher Yeghishe Hovsepyan provides a compregensive view of the history of Dilijan Region, the historical development of the local people, their way of life, material culture monuments, historical and geographical conditions. At the initial stage, all the items were collected in the town library. The previous building of the museum was built in 1926 as a hotel, later used as a hospital and and afterwards again as a hotel. After the repair in 1967 it has been devolved to the Geological Museum and Art Gallery of Dilijan. The old building was demolished and whitin five years with the financial support of the city of Dilijan the new building of museum was built. The official opening of the museum took place in 2010 and since 1st of April it is open to visitors. The first archeological discoveries in Armenia have been made in Dilijan in 1850th in a place called Redkin Lager. The name of the place comes from the name of the road builder and engineer Redkin who set up his camp near Dilijan, on the right bank of the river Aghstev. At the time, the road passed through Dilijan and the main part of items found during the archeological excavations in the surrounding areas of Dilijan was transferred to museum of Moscow, Leningrad, Tbilisi, Baku and Yerevan. But the land of Dilijan was "studeed" with archeological items so richly that it also was able to provide museums of the own city with more than 3000 years old items making it unique treasury in republic. The rare pictures stored here also make the Geological Museum of Dilijan a treasury.the originals of Hovhannes Aivazovski , Georg Bashinjaghyan,Vardges Surenyants ,Panos Terlemezyan,Edgar Shahin ,Lev Lagorio, Jean-Baptiste Greuzeare kept here . The museum also contains works of Dutch , Italian and French painters of the 16 th , 17 th and 18th centuries , ,,South Greenland" and ,, Winter evening " paintings by famous American painter Rockwell Kent , works of famous French painter of Armenian origin Garnik Zulumyan(Garzu ) While Yeghishe Hovsepyan has founded the Geological Museum of Dilijan, its long-time director Albert Matinyan and he Honored Artist of the Republic of Armenia Hovhannes Sharambeyan made every effort to make it treasury of archaelogical items and works of art. The museum gallery was created in 1958 . At the museum are stored and demonstrated : 1.archaelogical exhibits 2.ethnographic items 3.silver jewelry , coins 4.items of applied art The museum enjoys great popularity. People of differents ages , occupations and preferences visit the museum . Themed classes - excursions are held for students. In addition to excursions the museum organizes events and exhibitions. Miasnikyan 28 3901 Dilijan Armenia Call: (0268)2-44-50 or (0268)2-44-51
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The Geological Museum and Art Gallery of Dilijan, Dilijan, Armenia

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