Penang 3D Trick Art Museum, George Town, Malaysia

Art museums where two dimensional exhibits are brought to ‘LIFE’ with 3D painting, shading, and drawing technique The Penang Trick Art Museum, located at Lebuh Penang, Georgetown which is known as the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Georgetown, Penang is currently experiencing a period of rapid expansion and our new museum will allow the growing city to define itself as a regional hub for arts. Our 3D Trick Art refers to a technique that transforms 2-dimensional painting into 3-dimensional images. With the 2D paintings on the walls, floors and ceiling appears to pop up on the surface and come to life. Our museum will be housing 40 pieces of artworks including optical illusion paintings and sculptures. These are what make us unique and all arts are originated locally. Apart from that, Penang is the first state in Malaysia to offer this unique art museum. Our museum is an interactive museum with a concept that stimulates your creativity and imagination.There will be 2 themes in our museum’s exhibits, namely All about Penang Life and Modern Classic. This theme will definitely portray the daily life of Penangites and bring the stories that are present in the heritage to a broader group of visitors. Guidance and assistance will be provided by instructions beside the artworks or personnel in the museum to ensure visitors take the best possible photos. Art is beautiful, art is pleasure, art is understandable, art is inspiration for new art. Art is available, everywhere… for everyone. 10, Lebuh Penang 10200 George Town Malaysia Call: 604-2631628
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Penang 3D Trick Art Museum, George Town, Malaysia

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Found: 24.08.2015


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