COOLADY COOL, East Saint Louis, United States

Coolady COOL (Coolady Cool/Studlife) Female hiphop artist from EAST ST LOUIS ILLINOIS.Known for her raw and rare lyrics. COOLADY COOL IS AN AMAZING ARTIST Christina Willams known as Coolady was born March 7th 1976 in East Saint Louis Illinois (618). Known for being a female hiphop Mc since 1995 as Coolaid. Coolady has done 85 shows in Illinois/St.louis MO. Opening for artist such as:RunDmc, Tooshort, Mystikal ,8Ball&Mjg, Societyof Soul and BgKnockout. Coolady gained alot of exposure and reconition of her name in the underground music scene for mixtapes /performances and said to be one of the most hard spitting females of many out here. Coolady has a unique sound of her own that she calls Urban Proper Bama. Which is described by her as Street English in intelligent Country accent. Which she says fits her to a tee. Her show performances includes Scout Air Force military base,Normandy highschool,East St louis SR Highschool,Clark Middleschool,TV Channel 46 STL,TV Channel 13 ESL Variety Show. Where she host a many of shows and performances with other artist Mystikal for HotVideos TV 13 and RunDmcGrandmasterJay TV 46. As well as a series of clubs throught ILLinos and ST.LOUIS MO. Her sweet funny cool personaltiy makes her the Cooler COOL as this was the name of her first hot sing in 1995 which was used with the beat of the mytumes Juicy.Written a month just before the release of the Notorious B.i.G. juicy. Once offered a deal in 1995 by Universal and meeting hands on with Warner Bros rep. Coolady was 19 yrs old at the time and was managed under Aaron Gongzales Happnen Records label at the time. She coolab with a feat on groups Midcoast Mob.(MCM) album. Being the groups only female hiphop artist was a look of group as with legendary group Def fresh Crew-Roxanne Shante. Coolady denied both deals.Coolady is currently coming out with a new album by summer 2014. Anticipated to be one of the most controversal albums She has ever done . Never before music has she done LIKE this album thats gonna be released compared to her prior ubderground mixtapes.
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COOLADY COOL, East Saint Louis, United States

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