Landmark Dividend, El Segundo, United States

We buy ground leases for cell towers, billboards and wind turbines. We pay cash! Call 1-844-722-0113 or visit www.LandmarkDividend. This is Landmark Dividend's official Facebook page, where we welcome our fans, clients, friends, and employees to discuss all things ground lease related (and often times not related). You can also follow us on Twitter at @LandmarkDiv Please note: This page is sponsored by Landmark Dividend on The privacy and information-security policies of Facebook differ from those of Landmark Dividend. Please be aware of your Facebook privacy settings when sharing information. To find out more about Facebook’s policies, check the privacy section of Facebook’s help center. Also, keep in mind that Facebook’s terms of use apply while you are on this page. Facebook may publish advertisements on this page – Landmark Dividend is not responsible for and does not endorse any such advertisements, or the content, products, advice, opinions, recommendation or other material of third party sites or other pages on Facebook. 2141 Rosecrans Ave Suite 2100 90245 El Segundo United States Call: (844) 722-0113
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Landmark Dividend, El Segundo, United States

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