Landmark Construction, Chennai, India

Landmark Construction is a leading property developer in chennai. Creating landmarks which stand testimony to engineering excellence since 1996. Buying a home is indeed a landmark. It is a big investment, not only in terms of money, But in terms of effort you put. The dreams you nurture from the beginning, longing to possess something of your own. Something which reflects the inner you. The journey to perfection in delivering perfect landmark began in 1999, with a micro size team and only with a vision to go the extra mile and perform. This thirst or we could call it as obsession for perfection lead us to create Landmark Construction™. It was a landmark in our life which made a difference then and still continuing to make a difference in every customer's life today ! # 27, Saravana Street, T.Nagar, 600 017 Chennai India Call: +91-44-43438282
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Landmark Construction, Chennai, India

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