Forty4 Restaurant, Karachi, Pakistan

Taste has a new number…!!! Forty 4 – Karachi’s latest, highly acclaimed Fusion Restaurant boasts a menu that continues to evolve and astonish. The talented team at Forty 4 has managed to create a dining experience unlike any other. One where surprise and nostalgia take centre stage. Here, in this intimate setting, serious diners have the opportunity to experience a true journey of taste. At Forty 4, every dish is exceptional and engaging - regularly based on the seasonal fresh produce, exotic imported seafood and small local producers - the result is a kitchen buzzing with on-going innovative and creative energy as our chef and his talented team serve course after course of exquisite culinary delights from this truly fine dining restaurant. With clean lines and a contemporary minimalistic ambiance like none other, from the modern black and white artwork to the light and quaint atrium upstairs- every aspect of the décor and design is exquisite and hand-selected to play a specific role in Forty 4, adding unforgettable depth to the atmosphere. The restaurant has been designed to engage all types of diners – The Skylight, a room designed specially for non-smokers, The atrium for exclusive corporate lunches and parties, The Lounge for a more relaxed sports evening - whilst the main dining area is a buzz of activity serving up platter after platter of exotic & unusual fuisionl cuisine. Another new concept brought by the Forty 4 team is the Space – an art gallery style room – basically a blank canvas which this talented team transforms into different themes – from cigar lounges & bars to a conference room complete with multi media – give them a theme & they will not disappoint! Truly refined with a distinct oriental touch and, at the same time, unexpectedly exciting ... exhilarating in fact. It is this contradiction that results in Forty 4’s outstanding balance and ensures that the cuisine is nothing short of a theatrical masterpiece. Call: 92-21-3529-0066, 92-21-3529-0065
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Forty4 Restaurant, Karachi, Pakistan

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