Yisang Restaurant, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

YI SANG serves a vast selection of Chinese teas and a wide-ranging collection of Chinese herbs so that you can have the full authentic Chinese dinning expe Yi Sang is a Chinese seafood and dim sum restaurant providing tasty live seafood, coupled with a mouthwatering array of Chinese cuisine – generally Cantonese, but with a tinge of ChaoZhou and other cooking styles. We pride ourselves in serving up dishes in a delicious home cooked style for the entire family, for your friends, for your business partners, in a cosy and comfortable environment. #128F sotheros blvd +855 15 81 44 88 | +855 23 22 08 22 Phnom Penh Cambodia Call: +855 15 81 44 88 | +855 23 22 08 22
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Yisang Restaurant, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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