Dynamic Threat Management LLC. Kydex and Product Services, Winchester, United States

DTM LLC produces custom low profile and concealable tactical load bearing equipment, and custom kydex holsters and magazine carriers at an affordable rate. Dynamic Threat Management, is a Virginia based security/executive protection consulting and services company. Composed of experienced private sector, military, and law enforcement specialists all with critical incident experience, we provide our customers with the best in risk management options. We offer individual custom holsters and products made to you specifications, or you may select from our pre-designed models. Our flagship product the Comprehensive Low Vis Rig (CLVR) System, lets users carry their handgun, two pistol magazines, a radio, and two rifle magazines, in a low profile, slim package at an affordable rate. Allowing comfort and mobility, without the unnecessary bulk of a "Battle Belt" Setup our system weaves directly onto your belt of choice. The system was designed from the ground up to fill the needs of mid to high risk executive protection teams who might not be permitted or able to wear full high threat equipment. Or for those who want to move some of the load off of their vests. When used with a loose cover garment over low profile armor, end users can maintain a high threat readiness in a low profile, low visibility package. The system also works well for hobby use (airsoft) and course work/competition. It holds your equipment with both a firm positive click in most cases, and an adjustable retention on all magazines and your pistol. Each system is modular, and every pouch is able to be used stand alone if need be, with belt loop hardware. The entire system can be customized to fit your needs as an end user. Our unique rear bridge adjustment system fits waist sizes from 30in +. You can attach a folding dump pouch to the rear bridge, or a small medical pouch depending on what you mission needs are. All of our products are made using melonited steel hardware, and ALL come with a two year repair or replace limited transferable warranty for damage or failure during regular use.
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Dynamic Threat Management LLC. Kydex and Product Services, Winchester, United States

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