Applied Consumer Services Product Testing Laboratory, Hialeah, United States

Chemical Analysis, Testing and Consulting Laboratory We are a full service lab specializing in Deformulation, Quality Assurance, Nutritional Analysis and much more! We provide a full range of product testing for a variety of companies in Miami and across the United States and globally. Applied Consumer Services performs Over the Counter (OTC) product testing as well as Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals testing including Raw Material analysis based on the USP or Certificate of Analysis. We also do food/beverage product testing including routine analysis as well as failure analysis for large companies such as Goya and Iberia. As an FDA registered lab, we also deal with import/export testing especially for products that the FDA puts on hold. We have full range microbiology capabilities for both routine and non-routine testing. We are are a well established South Florida Company (based in Hialeah Gardens since 1985). Lastly, we deal heavily in deformulations or reverse engineering for products as well as food and beverages for the development of new products. If you have any specific product testing you are interested please let us know and we are happy to write you a quotation. We are one of the few testing labs that has the capabilities and experience to take a wide variety of projects. We've been in business for over 26 years and continue to grow. I hope that we will be able to provide testing services to you in the near future. Specialties Product Testing, Food/Beverage Testing, Deformulation, Reverse Engineering, Microbiological Testing, OTC Product Testing, Raw Material Analysis, Cosmetic Testing, FDA Registered, cGMP Applied Consumer Services, Inc. was founded in 1986 in Miami by Dr. Burch Stewart to provide technical consulting, chemical analysis and testing of almost all consumer products plus non-medical forensic testing, air monitoring and testing, inventions, patent search, patent feasibility, patent application, patent development, failure analysis, product deformulation, and formulation. We strive to give our clients excellent technical services in a wide variety of biological, chemical, physical, and engineering fields: Air Quality / Sick Building Syndrome Invention Feasibility and Development Arson Investigation / Fire Accelerants Material Testing / Accelerated Aging Beverage Analysis/Development MSDS / Material Testing Aging Tests Consumer Product Testing / Analysis Mineral Analysis/Precious Metal Assay Cosmetics/Perfumes / HBA Analysis Paint / Varnish / Coatings Analysis Concrete/Stucco/Grout Analysis Patent Investigation / Feasibility Field Services / Sampling / Inspection Patent Search / Applications / Development Flammability Testing, Fuels, Fabrics Industrial Hygiene Surveys Paper / Wood / Ceramics / Metal Analysis Foods / Herbs / Supplements Analysis Pharmaceutical QA / QC / Drugs of Abuse Food Labeling / Nutrition Facts Slip-Fall Investigation / Coef. of Friction Food / Beverage Shelf-Life Testing Textile / Carpet Testing Forensic Investigation Testing Toxic Material Investigations Formulation / Deformulation Water Analysis, Chemical and Physical Herbal Product Analysis/Testing Water Analysis, Microbiological Water Purification Device Certification LABORATORY CERTIFICATIONS Certified Analyses (USP, ACSI) for Pharmaceutical Products Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) for Specific Compliance Statements Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Since 1987. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Since 1987. ISO 9001-2000, Training in 2007. We run microbiological quality control tests and challenge tests for numerous clients. The laboratory is licensed by the DEA for drugs of abuse and is a listed FDA laboratory for foods, drugs, and cosmetics. Most of our analyses and tests are given in standard references, such as CFR, USP, NF, BP, FDA/BAM, MIL-STD, ASTM, AOAC, AWWA, APHA, and AATCC. In addition, new analytical methods are developed in our laboratories and can be certified in-house for accuracy and precision by running blanks, controls, multiple samples, and recoveries. 11890 NW 87th Ct, Ste 8 33018-1984 Hialeah United States Call: (305) 821-1677
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Applied Consumer Services Product Testing Laboratory, Hialeah, United States

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