Dyslexia Games (The Thinking Tree), Greenfield, United States

Teaching Dyslexic Children can be Fun and Easy! Just CLICK: Students with Dyslexia, Asperger's, ADHD, Autism and other challenges tend to have vivid and creative minds. They love to amaze us with their unique talents, but they often struggle with basic skills and fail to process written language correctly. Your child came into the world with his or her own unique set of gifts, talents and strengths. Each child is different. Some may be gifted in art. Others are good at sports, music, problem solving, puzzles or inventing. Some kids are lucky to be gifted in reading, writing and math, but may not be natural at drawing, baseball or inventing. Even in the same family one child may learn to read by age six, while another sibling (using the same school books) can't see the difference between a "b" and a "d" at age ten! This even happens to homeschoolers; it's more common than you think! So, what are your child's greatest strengths? What is his biggest struggle? How can you help each of your sons or daughters to become who they were created to be? All parents need to answer these important questions. A wise parent will invest in their child's talents and focus on his strengths while giving him the tools he needs to overcome his challenges. Chances are, you are here because your child struggles with reading and writing, and you need answers. You may have tried several methods and found that nothing seems to work Maybe you have the wrong tools. Perhaps your struggling child is a visual thinker. That means he thinks primarily with pictures, not words. Children with visual minds often have trouble processing written words correctly. Learning to read comes slowly. Conventional reading programs cater to the majority, who are verbal thinkers. Dyslexia Games is different because it was designed to capture the attention of children who have vivid, active and busy minds. We make workbooks and games for the kids who would rather be climbing trees. 617 N Swope St 46140 Greenfield United States Call: (317) 622-8852
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Dyslexia Games (The Thinking Tree), Greenfield, United States

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