HandyGames™ offers games for iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, Windows 8, Wearables, OUYA and others. Legal Notice: HandyGames™ is a developer and publisher of mobile games based in Giebelstadt, Germany. At present, HandyGames™ has more than 60 employees and plans to expand further. Founded in 2000, HandyGames™ has released more than 150 games on a multitude of mobile platforms, utilizing a wide range of technologies. Current game development is focused on iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, Windows 8, OUYA, tablet computers and Wearables. As a games company that is absolutely passionate about mobile gaming, HandyGames™ always strives for gameplay innovation. HandyGames™ has produced and published award-winning game titles from virtually every imaginable video gaming genre for a diverse range of audiences and gameplay styles. Starting as early as 2006, HandyGames™ has been on the forefront of developing ad-supported games into a viable business model and has been actively pursuing this venue of funding ever since. Offering mobile games in FREE or FREEMIUM versions has dramatically increased the reach of HandyGames™ products, especially in developing and emerging markets.
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