Guy's Grocery Games

Guy's Grocery Games is an American reality-based cooking television game show hosted by Guy Fieri on Food Network. It features four chefs competing in a grocery store and there are special twists and challenges. There are 3 rounds and one chef is eliminated after each round. The last person left can win up to $20,000 in a shopping spree.FormatThere are three rounds where the chefs have a specific amount of time to shop and cook a dish with one chef being eliminated after each round. There also can be a culinary quiz in which a chef can get an advantage in the next round. The winner then goes on a two-minute shopping spree where they are given a list of ten items. Each item obtained is worth $2,000 for a maximum total of $20,000.Special challenges and episodesIn "Holly, Jolly Meals", there was a special box in the shopping spree that was worth $5,000 increasing the max total to $25,000."Moms Know Best" is a special Mother's Day challenge where 4 moms competed and Guy's mom made an appearance."Grocery Grillin'" was a special episode (dubbed Guy's Grocery Grilling Games or Quadruple G) for Food Network's Grilling Week where the contestants had to make grilled dishes.In "Food Network Stars Take Over Flavortown", former Food Network Star winners Jeff Mauro, Aaron McCargo Jr., Melissa d'Arabian, and Justin Warner competed for charities of their choice. Aaron won with $20,000 and the runner-ups' charities each got $3,500.
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Guy's Grocery Games

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