Invictus Games, Debrecen, Hungary

Invictus is a European game developer studio. Most known titles: 1nsane, Froggy Jump, ROC, SLRR, Give It Up! Invictus was established as an independent game development studio in 1992 by Tamas Kozak and Akos Divianszky with the aim of developing state of the art computer entertainment software. Achieving this would entail the development of cutting edge technologies, to be combined with creative game ideas and new exciting gameplay. Building on our early success we decided to restructure and expand the company in 2000. Location Invictus is proud to be one of the leading game-developers of the Eastern-Central European Region located in Hungary, EU. Our international approach to development has seen us working closely with publishers such as Codemasters, UK and US-based Activision, 1C in Russia, Gamepot in Japan, Joyzone in China, Gamigo in Germany, Nival in Russia, Namco and many more. Development Team Our expanding company comprises about 50 talented and experienced individuals each skilled in their own particular discipline, be it managerial, art, programming, game-design or audio. We continually strive to improve all aspects of the development process, drawing on our strong creative skills and enthusiastic team to add something new and fresh to each game we work on. Invictus is well-equipped with the necessary software and hardware infrastructure such as dev tools, backup and file servers and security applications. Invictus technology The new generation of the Invictus engine technology is capable of producing many different types of games and has been designed to be both modular and platform independent. We understand that the development of a product can be approached in various ways and to that end we are happy to incorporate third-party middleware with our dev tools if this is deemed necessary, based on the schedule / costing requirements of each project. To date our engine technology has been successfully tested various platforms. Invictus is a registered Sony Playstation2, Playstation3, PSP, Apple and Android developer. Racing / vehicle simulation That said, we have been specializing in driving games with support for multiplayer and online gaming. One of our latest updated modules incorporates a brand new physics engine and we believe that we have now the capability to deliver the most accurate body, running gear and engine simulation ever to appear in racing games. As each of our 'vehicles' is constructed from separate 'physics objects' with their own physical properties, we are able to include the following features in our games: - Accurate simulation of internal engine damage - Vehicles constructed from more than 50 individual parts - Complete body deformation 'Flapping' doors and other attached parts - Vehicles can 'fall apart' in crashes or over time - Car-body painting and customization method including decals - Real time and 'in-game' tuning, repairing and assembling capabilities - Realistic handling of 2, 4 -16 wheeled vehicles - Accurate simulation of the effects of air and fluids (e.g. water) - Simulation of Front-, Rear-, and All-Wheel-Drive vehicles - Surface simulation parameters allowing for On- and Off road driving conditions. - Novel application of Dyno 2000 simulation based on real world parameters Mobile & PSP gaming Invictus is pleased to work on iOS, Android and PSP games, introducing revolutionary new solutions on this platform. Our company works on various titles including Racing, Puzzle, Action & Adventure games. Kartacs u. 9. 4032 Debrecen Hungary
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Invictus Games, Debrecen, Hungary

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