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Owner & CEO AH WDDD® Enterprises Fitness Philanthropist , Creator & Driving Force of the Want Different Do Different™ Movement, TV Public Figure, Model Fitness Philanthropist™ Public Figure Motivational Speaker Creator and Driving Force Want Different Do Different Movement Health & Wellness Programs for Individuals and Families, Educational and Instructional Institutions, Corporations and Small Businesses, Uniformed and Service Personnel, Professional Athletes All Sports... The "Want Different...DO Different" Health and Wellness Lifestyle Movement is designed to provide tools to teach you how to take back your life. "Health and Wellness" is defined as more than someone who has personal health maintenance through regular exercise and and a balanced intake of nutrition. Personal Health Maintenance begins when we understand that being healthy use stem from a desire to not just "Want Different" ...but to put action behind those "Wants" and "Do Different". When we eliminate blame, accept responsibility and strive to improve our daily lives, we are of much greater service to ourselves, our families, our careers and our country. My goal is to teach you accountability. You must decide that you are not a product of your world, rather build your world as a product of your healthy mind and body, by understanding and executing four building blocks of personal growth: 1) Mental:l in our capacity to control what we think Open-mindedness to Change 2) Emotional :in our capacity to control how we allow events and others to determine how we feel Willingness to Eliminate Denial and Blame 3) Physical :in our capacity to change the condition of our bodies through healthier choices and exercise. Boundaries and Ownership of Self 4) Spiritual : in our capacity to broaden our ideals of esoteric traditions Personal Well Being and Personal Development "We weren;t put here on this earth to be liked...We were put here on this Earth to make a Difference, not only in our own lives, but in the lives of everyone else!" ...AH ~" It is not only my job, but I have come to accept this as my calling to nourish, love, care for, improve and enhance the quality of life for others." ...AH JOIN ME and THE MOVEMENT TODAY~ This isn't about FITNESS, EXERCISE or PERSONAL TRAINING, it's a Health and Wellness Movement that encompasses every aspect of your life. Physical yes, but Emotional, Mental and Spiritual. Fitness is merely the foundation in which I can provide the tools, much like a Professor uses a classroom to teach Statistics. The Movement is designed to get you to "DO DIFFERENT" in all areas of your life, from how you react, how you think, how you allow others to take up space, how you deal with the past, face the present and plan not expect things form the future. Being a part of the MOVEMENT is a BELIEF that YOU ARE ACCOUNTABLE, and I don't know about you, but for me even as a trainer/coach. I am still learning, still needing to "DO DIFFERENT". I am building a network of AH Ambassadors across the Globe who have embraced the "Want DIfferent DO DIfferent" Lifestyle movement in their lives, in their homes, in their careers, in their relationships, in their families, in their athletics and with all people. I am asking that "we" JOIN forces as a Nation to stop the blame game and shift the mindset from an entitled finger pointing society to an Individually accountable and responsible one!!! Purchase a Wristband JOIN the MOVEMENT, INSPIRE THE WORLD~ SIMPLE!!!!! Too often I have been involved with weight loss programs and gimmicks that want there to be some magical destination reached in order to claim success. My feelings is this, the journey is far more important than the final destination...due in part because as people learn to take responsibility for their own health and well being everything else falls into place and the desired results are achieved!!! I practice "tough love" with all of my clients, not out of some sado-masochistic need to dominate them (although many would disagree) ...LOL...but out of a need to call them on their denial, their dysfunction and irrational thinking that somehow the shape they are in is everyone else's fault. We all want to blame life for the way we ended up. Well I am here to tell you that doesn't have to be the case...You can CHOOSE to get fit and healthy by getting out of your comfort zone, fighting like hell to change things a day at a time, and not have these unrealistic expectations that I or anyone else is going to give you a magic pill, potion, or plan that is going to do it for you!! GET OFF YOUR ASS AND DO IT YOURSELF! My goal is to provide the motivation necessary in the beginning and the fact that I hold them accountable to themselves, to gradually teach my clients about their bodies, about their metabolism, about the movements and exercises that will help them achieve maximum results. Along with that is the mere simple fact that you can NEVER out train a poor diet. That doesn't mean they have to eat bland, cardboard, whey and chalk to get healthy. It is about making BETTER choices and again learning that preparation is key to any effective program. My job as a Personal Trainer and Master Life Coach encompasses so much more than simply making sure someone is doing an exercise properly. I like to peel back the layers to understand why a person feels they are not worthy of taking care of themselves. Why they turn to food for the emotional comfort, why same amount of effort needed to care for themselves goes into caring for everyone but them!!!?! Teaching people that they matter, letting them know they are not alone, letting them know that I pass no judgment on how they got in the shape they are in...but rather how impressed I am that they finally stood up and said YES I NEED HELP! that is the first step in any process> In starting my own Personal Training Business I truly felt called to share with the world my passion for life...for fitness and health and for the spiritual connection we can all have working together for a common goal. Less trips to the Dr., less medications, less stress, more energy, stronger bones and muscles, and an attitude to match! LOOKING GOOD AND FEELING GOOD!!!! Call: 336-923-9662
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April Hartsook WDDD Public Figure

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