Ultimate Athlete, Luton, United Kingdom

M.M.A & Fitness Centre Luton This page is about bringing the talented and unique people of Luton and surrounding areas to come together and learn a self defence skill. We specialize in developing the abilities you already have, we aim to expand them by training you with world class athletes who are experts in the field you are most interested in. Here at Ultimate Athlete we are the only Gym with fully qualified expert instructors who have fought at professional levels teaching all the classes. These classes range from but not limited to Brazilian Ju Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai kick boxing, Wrestling/Submission Grappling. We also focus on advanced sparring and strength and conditioning classes to further your physical and mental growth. We have a gym designed to help you become a fitter and functioning athlete not to just go and follow the mundane routine in a fitness gym. None members can come and join any class and pay for a session to test it out see if it is what they want. We run open matt classes where you can come and practice your skills and use the full facilities of the gym We cater for ladies only classes and childrens classes, each class tailored to the customers attending. We welcome new members of all age build height gender creed to come and train with us we run a strictly no discrimination no ego no attitude environment. 28-34 Chapel Street LU1 2SE Luton United Kingdom Call: 07852519975
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Ultimate Athlete, Luton, United Kingdom

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