Kashan waraich studio, Karachi, Pakistan

wedding photography by Kashan waraich beyond the now 0331-2010131 We believe there is a need to capture life, in its purity, unplugged. I think documenting life’s milestone’s, adventures and sweet moments preserves those memories with a clarity that our minds sometimes can’t do on their own. Looking through our lens, you’ll see a fusion of photojournalism and fine art. To me, a good image is one that captures a true moment, one that you can look back on and still feel butterflies in your stomach, one that is timeless, one that makes you feel good for more than a minute. Great images are the ones that tell a story to everyone, even if the real story is only known to one. Call: 03462238456 , 03312010131
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Kashan waraich studio, Karachi, Pakistan

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