Professional Towing Services, Huntington, United States

24-Hour Light, Medium, and Heavy Duty Towing, Recovery, and Unlock, Battery, Tire Services, and Fuel delivery. Professional Towing Services was started in 2009 by Michael and Jessi Reyburn, when it became apparent that there was a need for honest, affordable, and integrity-based towing services within the towing industry. Michael has been working in the towing industry since he was 15 years old, and helped his father build his towing business by moving him out of the alley in Kenova, and going to Huntington to a bigger facility. Michael also has extensive experience in the Heavy Duty aspect of towing, and purchased equipment ten years ago, while at his father's business, in order to accomodate semi's and other large trucks and equipment. Michael has experience with accident management on the Interstate, as well as, light, medium, and heavy-duty long distance hauling/towing. 519 3rd Ave 25701 Huntington United States Call: (304) 691-4400
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Professional Towing Services, Huntington, United States

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