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Providing engineering and estimating of architectural signage and division 5 specialty metal projects for companies worldwide. I am an architectural signage and division 5 specialty metals estimator with 24 years of experience. I provide estimating services on a project-to-project basis. Whether you are just starting up or are a large company, as a subcontract estimator, I can help you grow your business. Scenarios: • Your in-house estimator is too busy, causing delayed estimates, which result in lost sales. • You keep throwing away GC bid requests (and lots of revenue) because you don’t have the time or resources to estimate them. • You want to enter the lucrative and high visibility special metal s market, but your estimator lacks the experience. Advantages: • High availability, quick turnarounds • No overtime, sick days, vacation days or holidays • No healthcare costs or taxes • Project-to-project basis, at a low cost with no risk • I can use your Excel estimating spreadsheet or software (KeyedIn or Vantage), or my own spread sheets, which I populate with your labor rates, material prices, and mark ups. Whether it’s a GC bid package, a program estimate for a national chain, or a single set of channel letters, not only will you get your estimate quickly, it will be priced correctly yet competitively using your preferred fabrication methods and costs to ensure that you not only win the job, but also make the margins that you want. I am looking forward to hearing from you and will gladly provide references and examples of my work upon request. Call: 617-500-8235
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Professional Sign Services

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