Matt Dinnery, Professional Services, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Matt Dinnery, Professional Services can provide a range of services to your event including Event Control, Management, Planning & Production, Door supervision, First aid, Photography, Radiocommunications hire, Stewarding & Portable PA hire. Since 2006, Matt has worked at/for/with: * Halifax Charity Gala (H&S Assistant, Radio Controller) * Calderdale Pride (Photographer, General Assistant) * Reading Festival (Steward) * Evolution Festival (Photographer) * Glastonbury Festival (Gate Organiser) * UNltd Event Management (Photographer) * World of Music and Dance Festival (Steward Supervisor, Steward) * Calder Event Medical Services (First Aider) * Boomtown Fair (Steward, Photography) * Exclusec Security Solutions (IT Consultant) * Newcastle Beer, Cider & Perry Festival (Webmaster, Social Media Co-Ordinator) * Oxjam Newcastle (Safety & Security, Radiocommunications) * One Group Convention (First Aider) * Leeds LGBT Pride (Photographer) * Beautiful Days Festival (Steward) * Great British Beer Festival (Door Supervisor) * York Pride (Photographer, Radiocommunications) * Kent Beer Festival (Photography, Door Supervisor) * Jonathan Strange Productions (First Aider) * NightOut Group (Event Operations Manager, Photography City Manager) * Oxfam Festival Stewards (Steward, Steward Supervisor) * ESPA Cycle club (Event Planning, Radiocommunications, First Aid) * Manchester Pride (First Aider) * Cult Festival (Photographer) * Norwich Beer Festival (Door Supervisor) * STUK Sound (Website design, Photography) * NASS Festival (Steward, Photography) * Need Music Ltd (Photography, Videography) * Corbridge Festival (Photography) * Logistik (First Aider) * Oddfellows, North Shields (Website design) * Mash Up Festival (Safety & Security) * First Choice Medical Services (First Aider, Team Leader) 96 Warton Terrace NE6 5LS Newcastle upon Tyne United Kingdom Call: 07702 701931
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Matt Dinnery, Professional Services, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

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