Vitality Professional Services, Coquitlam, Canada

VitalityPS offers community counselling to all ages and children's services including assessments, social-emotional skills groups, & sensory training. At Vitality PS, our commitment is to offer the highest quality support for your needs with an attitude of warmth and acceptance. We strive to harness the transforming power of current research in our areas of service delivery. We currently offer the following services: 1. Assessments - educational and developmental support; 2. Counseling - all ages and issues; 3. Tomatis Training - sensory processing; 4. Children's Groups - social-emotional, and behaviour; - autistic spectrum; Our service priorities are: 1) Respecting the unique value and nature of each person and issue; 2) Developing a holistic understanding the contributing factors; 3) Utilizing current research to inform treatment decision making; 4) Empowering people through collaboration to set treatment services and goals; 5) Supporting people's progress by utilizing a team approach to service evaluation and revision. Please call with any questions. Our desire is to serve and support in every way we can. We believe that going the extra mile for each other makes all the difference for people and families in today's high-pressure society. #112-250 Schoolhouse St. V3K 6M2 Coquitlam Canada Call: 604 540 2338
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Vitality Professional Services, Coquitlam, Canada

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