NMG - Professional Services Division, Sparta, United States

We are the Tri-State area's leading provider of training for outdoor emergency response professionals. The Professional Services Division of Northeast Mountain Guides is the leading provider of services for the outdoor professional in the Northeast. We provide all levels of field search and rescue, search management, technical rope rescue and rope access training, as well as credentialing audits, team management and mission consulting, rope access, climbing and rescue equipment sales, outdoor event safety, hazard mitigation at height, wilderness and outdoor medicine, hiking, backpacking and climbing guide training. Our professional instructors have decades of experience in the mountains. Therefore, they are not only certified to deliver materials that are recognized on state and national levels, but they possess invaluable practical experience, which they look forward to imparting to others. We pride ourselves on focused, efficient program delivery to both paid and volunteer responders. Train Hard, or why train Call: (848) 468-6735
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NMG - Professional Services Division, Sparta, United States

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