EducAid Professional Services and Events Management, Quezon City, Philippines

"Excel. Educate. Empower" EducAid is a professional service provider specializing in trainings, seminars, and workshops such as improving leadership skills, improving presentation or communication skills, reading body language, and writing speeches, among others. It also offers these services for free to worthy beneficiaries, such as public school educators. EducAid is run by the husband-and-wife tandem of Jelson Estrella Capilos, a college lecturer and professional speaker, and Hyacinth Bibit Capilos, a human resources manager for a firm based in the Netherlands. Initially, EducAid was envisioned to provide tutorial services to college students, and translation, proofreading, and editing services in 2008. Eventually, the couple decided that EducAid should be identified as training services provider as well, through corporate in-house trainings and stand-alone seminars and workshops. EducAid’s name is a play on the words “Educ,” from education, and “Aid,” for help and assistance. The name sounds akin to “educate,” which is the organization’s mission: to help professionals who want to get ahead with their careers, courtesy of the trainings and programs it offers. Moreover, aid in this sense extends to worthy beneficiaries as well; a significant amount of the remuneration EducAid receives is allotted to subsidize trainings for worthy beneficiaries. By being EducAided, companies and professionals help EducAid the less fortunate. 55 Ernestito cor. Desiderio Sts., Don Jose Heights, 1118 Quezon City Philippines Call: (02) 264-1767/ (0947) 785-4388/ (0927) 634-2588
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EducAid Professional Services and Events Management, Quezon City, Philippines

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