Barnabic Professional Legal Services, Toronto, Canada

SMALL CLAIM ACTIONS, INFORMAL DEBT SETTLEMENTS, AND REMOVAL OF ERRONEOUS CREDIT REMARKS. My specialty includes all facets of Small Claims Court proceedings where the amount of money or value of the goods litigated is $25,000 or less. I always put my best effort to settle contemplated or ongoing actions through out-of-court negotiations, in order to save my clients legal fees and costs. My other specialty is assisting clients in removing erroneous or derogatory remarks from their credit files, in most cases without the necessity of Court proceedings. The least expensive and most pragmatic way of settling debt is an offer to settle for a fraction of a dollar and without a client being obligated to make mandatory monthly payment plans. 7 Hayden Street, Suite 207N M4Y 2P2 Toronto Canada Call: 416-515-2019; Mobile: 647-702-5150; Fax: 416-921-9617
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Barnabic Professional Legal Services, Toronto, Canada

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