SJS Professional Services,LLC, Spartanburg, United States

SJS Professional Services is the total building solution! We clean commercial, medical, industrial,church buildings,residential and much more!Owned and Operated by Christian Family.Owner-Brent Powell If you are a business owner,facility manager,office manager,church,school looking for a cleaning service that will provide you with quality services-give us a call. SJS-Quality Commercial Building Services Whether you are a corporation, church, medical facility, or private school, you know that maintaining a clean, professional appearance while also keeping your employees, visitors, and students healthy is critical to success. SJS has taken our years of experience in creating efficient cleaning systems to provide quality commercial cleaning services. Our processes are unrivaled in the industry. SJS has many years of experience and a strong track record in many industries, including: • Office cleaning – corporate cleaning services for all office sizes • Church cleaning – special schedules available for events and to include traffic flow • Medical cleaning – cleaning for health without cross-contamination • School cleaning – services include detailed work on high traffic areas such as locker rooms Our quality control program ensures that you receive immediate responses to your needs. A partner will visit your facility weekly, and our staff is available whenever you need us, 24 hours a day. Contact us today for your complimentary consultation. We will be happy to answer your questions about quality commercial cleaning services specialized for your office, church, medical facility,industrial buildings or school.SJS cleans medical offices, sterile environments, break down and sterilize surgical rooms and clean examining rooms, disinfect and sanitize. SJS is a Green Seal company and use environmentally safe chemicals and green seal paper products. We have training in HIPAA-Compliance and Blood borne Pathogens, OSHA Safety and Health certified through United Chemical Company. We have safety and security standards that are trained to our employees to provide high quality janitorial services and provide safe work environment. Call: 864.205.3954
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SJS Professional Services,LLC, Spartanburg, United States

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