Inception Business Services, Chennai, India

Get your marketing function rolling Inception Business Services (IBS) is a marketing services provider. We primarily focus on helping growing organisations fill in gaps in their marketing think tank and marketing bandwidth. Need a ready-to-go CMO and Marketing team to work for your business ? Or a team to take charge of your online marketing & Social media accounts? IBS can help. Started in early 2011, we at IBS can add value and help businesses get more out of their Marketing efforts. Here are some of the reasons why some of our clients choose to work with us: IBS IS A TRUSTED PARTNER “I am just starting my business. I need a trusted partner to help me get my marketing fundamentals in place for my business" CO-OWNED EXECUTION “We are constantly juggling so many balls. We need an effective partner to take ownership of some of the projects and see them through to meaningful execution” EXTERNAL PERSPECTIVES “We have enough resources, but we are looking for someone to help us with an external perspective and innovative ideas.” BANDWITH ISSUES “We know the right things to do, but we don't have the right resources or the time to get it done. We need reliable support to release crucial bandwidth and get more done.” RNJ Lalithadari, II Floor, 30/47, V K Iyer Road 600028 Chennai India Call: +91 44 4269 8056
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Inception Business Services, Chennai, India

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