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Recruitfreshers is ‘Livelihood’ Platform’ connecting 20 Lakhs Industrial Employers and ‘30 Crores’ Youth seeking employment from 635+ Districts of India. Recruitfreshers – is a ‘Livelihood’ Portal’. Private NATIONAL eMPLOYMENT Exchange connecting and integrating Population Seeking Job / who are Available for taking-up Employment, covering - 593,731 Village wise Database, 635+ Districts, of our Nation. Recruitfreshers -‘Livelihood’ Portal, connecting Employers and Employee’s, the intention of the platform is to bridge connectivity between the Industry and Job Seekers. Recruitfreshers - ‘Livelihood’ Portal, which is primarily - Jobs & Employment Facilitation ‘Livelihood’ Portal, would be support line for 20 Lakhs Industries, 300 sectors, 2890 Sub sectors, mapping and aligning for engagement for Unskilled, Semi Skilled, Skilled, between the Industries Vs Employee. Recruitfreshers would build up and engage for formation of strong eco system in the commercial interest and benefit among stake holders primarily > Employers, Recruiters and 1st time Job Seekers. Recruitfreshers shall be engaged with Mapping and Aligning Freshers KSA’s with Industry KRAs to value based hiring between employer and employee. Recruitfreshers carries tremendous expertise in setting up Fresher’s skilled human resources supply chain for SMEs, SMBs, Medium scale industries and Large Corporations. Fresher’s Human Resources Supply Chain is major benefit program for companies for acquiring talent with required Skill set and high accuracy fitment at No Costs or Minimal costs. Our approach to any recruitment issue faced by our client [Employer] is always innovative and out of box, we ensure successful supply chain of talent to the clients [Employers] engaged with us. Recruitfreshers would be in constant touch with Human Resource Professionals, Recruiters to enable them with updated Job seekers data along with skill sets. Recruitfreshers caters entire ambit and gambit of the Indian Industry covering all 300 Sectors and 2890 Sub Sectors of the primary industry sectors. Important Note to Candidates [Job seekers]: Every Job is not for Every One Everybody does NOT fit- in for Every Job Employment is engagement and contract between Employer and Employee, Employee need to have skills that can fulfill the requirement of the Employer. Employment or Job can be secured only when you’re Knowledge Skills and Attitude PERFECTLY matches with Key Responsibility Areas [KRAs of the JOB]. Target Population Seeking Jobs / Available for Employment with continuity: 6 07 09 399 [Six Crores, Seven Lakhs, Nine Thousand and Three Hundred and Ninety Nine people]. Population in INDIA as per latest census 2011:- 121 08 54 977 [121 Crores, 8 Lakhs, Fifty Four Thousand, Nine Hundred and Seventy Seven People]. People Seeking / Available for work, from Villages [Rural] areas of INDIA. However to reach the following numbers via Email, Mobile, Postal is not available, we have no Information Technology available as on today, either we should conduct Offline / Ground activity or Involve NGO’s, Village Heads to connect with this Human Resources: Population Age Wise and Population numbers: Age: 15-19 - Population :12,05,26,449 Age: 20-24 -Population: 11,14,24,222 Age: 25-29 - Population: 10,14,13,965 Age: 30-34 - Population : 8,85,94,951 Total Target Audience: 42,19,59,587 About us: Society for Aptitude Education, Registered under the Andhra Pradesh Societies Registration Act, 2001 (Act) No. 35 of 2001) with OFFICE OF THE REGISTRAR OF SOCIETIES, RANGA REDDY (EAST) DISTRICT, Certificate of Registration: 525 / 2009. Society for Aptitude Education has PAN and TAN allotted from Concerned Government Authorities. Unique Id of VO / NGO: AP/2009/0000767 (Planning Commission, Govt of India Portal). Address for Communication: Society for Aptitude Education, 403, 4th floor, Karan Center, Near Park Lane X Roads, Sarojini Devi Road, Secunderabad – 500003. Our portal would be Single 'Livelihood' Web Portal which maps and aligns engagement between Employers on criteria of - Sole Proprietorship. Partnership. Private Limited and Public Limited organizations and 30,00,00,000 Employee workforce, across INDIA, Online & Off line too, We shall be planning for more or less 4120 Offline centers for Personal Interviews and Spot Job / Employment Offer letter issuance by the Industry. This is like running Private NATIONAL Employment Exchange for every citizen above 16 years age. We wish to establish ‘Human Resource Supply Chain’ [Unskilled, Semi-Skilled and Skilled workers] Solution for more than 20 Lakhs Industries across India to ensure seamless operations of the Industries in INDIA. Address the needs of BoP [Bottom of Pyramid] for better Income Sources, enhancing Living Standards. We intend to enable, support Jobs and Employment Facilitation for Employee and Employers with following Educational qualifications Pre Metric: No Basic Education 3rd Standard Failed 5th Standard Failed 7th Standard Failed 10th Standard Failed Post Metric / Higher Secondary: 12th Standard Failed Degree [10+2+3] Standard failed. Technical Courses: ITI Polytechnic ATI / Industrial Training Vocation Education Graduate: 10+2+3 - University Graduated, including Open University. 10+2+3 +2 – University Awarded Post Graduates 10+2+3 +3 – University Awarded Post Graduates Integrated Graduates 10+4 years or 10+5 Professionals Courses as per AICTE Nomenclature: 10+2+4 Professional Degree 10+2+4+2 Professional Post Graduates Integrated POST Graduates 10+5 years Life Sciences [Specialty]: Medical Sciences MBBS & MD Doctorates irrespective of Specialization: PhD - Doctorates Jobs If any NGO's, Teachers, Lecturers, Social Entrepreneurs, Village Heads, Educated Youth who desire to support rural youth can meet me with prior appointment via email id: Customer Problem 1. Employer: Workforce requirements. Facilitating recruitment quickly, by identifying, right resource in right time based upon Geographical location, Skill Set, Relocation acceptance, within the expected budget. 2. Employee: Employment Facilitation for 30,00,00,000 [30 Crores] Indian Citizens. 18 years above. Educated -10th passed to PhD, and youth also with No Basic Education,3rd , 5th ,7th, 10th ,12th , Degree [10+2+3] Standard failed. Target Market INDIA. Start from - Telangana & Andhra Pradesh. . Scale up: 545 Resource Centers based upon Member of Parliament Constituency. Expand 2 or 3 Learning / Skilling Centers within Each District, Average job seekers population in Each district: 5,00,000 Youths. Totaling to Districts wise – 635+. Above 3 Lakhs Population active zones ( Centers for End to End Solutions) – 4120 Number of inhabited villages- 593,731 UT would be dealt separately: Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Chandigarh, Dadra & Nagar Haveli, Daman & Diu, Lakshadweep. How long have you been working on your product? 5 years, I have been working on this, how to facilitate Data / information of 5th Failed, 7th Failed, 10th Failed, 12th Failed, Degree Failed, Degree Graduated , like wise details of Professional Courses Graduated Graduates with INDUSTRY [Employers] Product/Services Fulfilling of Employer / Industry requirement of Human Resources [Unskilled, Semi-Skilled. Skilled Workforce]. Located in 600 Districts. Facilitating Employment Opportunities for Unemployed YOUTH - Unskilled, Semi-Skilled. Skilled Workforce. Up-Skill - Youngsters [16 years to 35 years].Generating Entrepreneur, Village Wise, in INDIAENGAGE in Relocation and Migration of Workforce / Human Talent, based on Demand and Need of Skill set. Competitive Advantage First Move Advantage , Village Wise, District Wise, Caste Wise, Religion Wise, Uneducated, Unskilled, Semi Skilled, Skilled, Migration Ready, Non Migration, Travel Ready, Non Travel Resources, Upskill, Training & Empowerment. Gender Wise. Our email:; Sarojini Devi Road 500003 Secunderabad India
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Recruit Freshers, Secunderabad, India

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