PrimeTrust Property Co., Ltd, Phnom Pen, Cambodia

PrimeTrust Property (PTP) is a real estate company legally registered in Cambodia with shareholders from Cambodia, Australia, Indonesia, and China. Prime Trust Property Co., Ltd (PTP) is young, but already solid and strong. After having engaged in real estate activities for several years, we decided to formally launch PTP in 2014. PTP’s shareholders are from Cambodia, Australia, China, and Indonesia. The company is fully licensed to operate in Cambodia and is a member of the Cambodian Valuers and Estate Agents Association (CVEA). PTP has built strong network across Cambodia and overseas, including in China, Indonesia, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Malaysia. In Cambodia, PTP’s networks extend from the national to the sub-national and provincial levels across Cambodia’s 25 municipalities and provinces. PTP works with independent Sale Agents and real estate companies across the country and overseas, and is therefore able to offer incomparable services to its customers whether they are property investors, sellers, buyers, or renters. PTP’s team is dynamic, motivated, proactive, and trustworthy, with solid professional experience in the real estate business. The team can communicate in Khmer, English, French, Malay, Chinese, and Vietnamese, and is able to offer tailored services to a wide range of local and international clients. As of April 2015, PTP has been trusted to sell and/or lease almost 1,000 properties with some 20 new listings everyday. While many listings are currently in Phnom Penh, we also have properties available in all Cambodian provinces. Our listings include lands of various sizes, villas, houses and flats, apartment, condos, guesthouses and hotels, all types of buildings for business, and warehouses. Over half of our listings are worth between USD1,000,000 to USD250,000,000. Call: 023 2 12345 / 012 335 367 / 070 335 367
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PrimeTrust Property Co., Ltd, Phnom Pen, Cambodia

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